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To track how we are doing in finding talent at a relative early age (20 years or younger, from 2023 on players need to be born 2003 or later), we publish our shadow team anonymized and keep track of how these players are doing. As soon as any of these players transfer to another club or become a household name, we update this list and reveal the name. Or if they turn 25 in case the did not break through. Valuation at date is the price where would virtually buy the player. That way we can see how much profit would make virtually.

We paper trade the players as if we bought them for the valuation at data. The we sell the players when they reach the age of 25 or when the make a major transfer. That way you can see how well we do.

So far we have spent 167M euro and earned 258M euro for a profit of 91M euro. The valuation of these players has gone up to 1260M (+754%).

Of the 369 teenagers on the list 270 have increased in valuation (73.1%), 29 have decreased in valuation (7.8%) and 70 have no change in valuation mainly due to still being too young. (18.9%)

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Revealed: Sergio Arribas

Sergio Arribas had a superstar performance in the Spanish tier #3 with maxed out finishing probability and very high passing game probability and even okayish defending probability.

I put him in my shadow team on 19-8-2020 because he had an FBM player score of 6. Now he has an FBM player score of an 8. So he did develop quite nicely. Eversince 2020 I tried to get clubs interested in hiring him as I would have loved to see him play in the #Eredivisie but alas it did not work out.

Now that he made an 8M transfer to Almeria I revealed him because I think he will have a hard time getting to this level of performance in LaLiga playing for #Almeria.

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Revealed: Ousmane Diomande

Ousmane Diomande is a very good CB with high defending probability and high passing game probability. He must be great at building up. He even has decent finishing probability for a CB. Replacement value for #Mafra = €2,973,250. So he is very undervalued.

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Revealed: David Datro Fofana

David Datro Fofana is still a very good striker still with maxed out finishing probability. Passing game probability dropped a bit though, although I doubt anyone cares that much about that. Replacement value for Molde = €2,400,753.

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David Datro Fofana is a very good striker with maxed out finishing probability and high passing game probability. Replacement value for  Molde = €2,030,250.

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Revealed: Endrick

Yet, in the case of Endrick there is 1500 minutes of data which is more than enough. Endrick is a very good striker with maxed out finishing probability and decent decent passing game probability which is quite rare for a striker. Replacement value for Palmeira = €4,069,592.

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Revealed: Mykhaylo Mudryk

Mykhaylo Mudryk is a superstar in the Ukraine. His 22/23 stats are even better than his 21/22 stats although his previous FBM chart turned out, once again, to be highly predictive. Maxed finishing + very high passing game. RV for Chelsea = €35,090,464.

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Mykhaylo Mudryk is a very good winger with maxed out finishing probability and decent passing game probability. Replacement value for Arsenal if his stats would remain the same in the Premier League (unlikely) is: €73,188,426. So Shakhtar should make a killing on him.

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Revealed: Amadou Onana

Amadou Onana who is one of my reveals of my shadowlist when Everton paid 35M for him. Virtually I paid 400K for him making me a handsome, but virtual profit. Unfortunately, it seems #Everton has been using Amadou Onana as a CM. His drop in defending probability is probably due to this fact. Replacement value for Everton = €2,993,615. 35M seems expensive for a CM with these stats.

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Amadou Onana is a very good DM. Close to being a superstar player. Maxed out defensive probability, high passing game probability and on top of that also decent finishing probability, wow! Replacement value for Lille = €7,160,234. Overvalued. Creativity prob = 28%.

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Revealed: Odilon Kossounou

The 2nd reveal of my shadowlist is Odilon Kossounou. I put him on my shadowlist the moment he went to Brugge. When you compare his 2019 chart to 21/22 he improved a bit even though he plays in a much stronger league, but you can also see how much the 2019 chart predicted 21/22

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RV for Leverkusen = €15,663,076. So they overpaid for Odilon Kossounou. Brugge of course made a bundle him. This is a good example of a transfer where the old club is financially strengthened while the new club is financially weakened. Nevertheless, Leverkusen had a great season

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Revealed: Jérémy Doku

Jérémy Doku is the first player born this century that did well in our FBM data capture model. What I just found out, is that this data isn’t even in Wyscout! High finishing & passing game probability. RV for Rennes = €16,983,588. So they paid a bit too much. FBM shadowlist.

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