No cure no pay consultancy

Football Behavior Management (FBM) uses subjective Bayesian statistics. Rather than counting actions, we look at concrete results on the pitch and calculate which player contributed to that result. We look at the ratio between positive and negative contributions. And we look at the distribution of contribution intramatch and during a season. We capture all our data ourselves, so we are completely independent from any other data source. For these reasons we often find quite different players than other consultancy firms. Our strong correlations between ranking, points scored during the season and team value,demonstrate that FBM is  a data source that every club needs to have.

This has everything to do with risk management. As the saying goes: don’t risk a lot for a little. Adding a reliable data source like FBM lower the risk of misshires. FBM data allows you to build a better case for which player to hire. FBM helps you make decisions faster and more easily. And finally, FBM helps you justify your decisions towards your board of directors.

We help you find better player. Players that make the team stronger and whom have a more than decent chance to deliver a million euro transfer. For instance, as the case of Dalmau at Heracles shows. And we do all of that for free, sort of. At FBM we are so certain that we find players that you are actually going to hire that we offer our consultancy services on a no cure no pay basis. We only send you an invoice if you actually hire a player we find for you.

The way this works is that when you give us an assignment to find a certain player, either to replace or back up a player currently at the club or to fill in a certain position, then we provide this service free of charge unless you actually hire one or more player(s) from our list. Only if that is the case we charge you a small percentage of the salary and transfer fee for that hiring.

Unless, you opt for only paying us an even smaller percentage of the transfer fee when the player is transferred to another club in a few years time. Because we are so certain that the players we find are going to deliver million euro transfers, we prefer to rather have a very small percentage of a big number, than a fixed fee upfront. (Of course if you prefer you can always choose the upfront fee rather than a percentage.)

When you are ready to work with us, the first step is that we come and visit you to demonstrate how FBM statistics work and to discuss the best way forward to help you get the best possible players for your club. To make an appointment for a free demonstration, fill in the form below: